What do ADELE, the Super Bowl and IRON MAN Have in Common?

What do ADELE, the Super Bowl and IRON MAN Have in Common?

JAY GORDON of ORGY Re-Imagines THE WONDERGIRLS Track “Let’s Go All The Way” for the IRON MAN 3 Soundtrack – The Story Behind the Song

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Multi-faceted producer, musician and ORGY vocalist JAY GORDON recently spearheaded the re-producing of a new version of “Let’s Go All The Way” by THE WONDERGIRLS for the IRON MAN 3 soundtrack, titled Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall. The new track, which mainly features vocals by Ashley Hamilton (who appears in the IRON MAN movie), JAY GORDON (who can be heard on the official iTunes clip) and Robbie Williams, is a retake of the original remake of the 80’s Slyfox hit.

The original remake by THE WONDERGIRLS was initially recorded for a Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack in 1999. The original line-up of THE WONDERGIRLS included JAY GORDON, Scott Weiland, Martyn LeNoble, Ashley Hamilton, Mark McGrath, Ian Astbury, and Shannon Leto… just to name a few.

Now, the track sees its day again for the IRON MAN 3 soundtrack. JAY GORDON was called to re-create the track and quickly took the reins, producing it to modern standards while infusing it with his signature style, and lending his voice as the one of the featured lead vocalists. After all vocals were added, the track was then handed over to Jay Baumgardner (Evanescence, Papa Roach) for mixing.

“When I got call from Ashley Hamilton saying he was in the movie, I almost didn’t believe him. Then he said he wanted to put the song in the movie, and I did a double take of sorts. I said, ‘didn’t we already do this once?’” recalls track producer JAY GORDON. “When it came down to remaking the track, no one seemed to be able to pull everything together fast enough, so FUTR3 and I quickly put it together. It was a learning experience because we really didn’t have much time. Recreating the whole thing from scratch was rough too, because we didn’t have Shannon Leto. So I tried to reprogram the drums to make it sound as realistic as possible. FUTR3 and I did a lot of back and forth work, taking turns recording the other guys on the track. Then out of the blue, Ashley Hamilton had the idea that, since they had worked together in the past, we should incorporate Robbie Williams.”

While working on the track, JAY GORDON met some great new people, including a very famous English singer-songwriter who happened to offer him tea on Super Bowl Sunday.

“On Super Bowl Sunday, we went over to Robbie Williams’ house to do some work! Funny story before I continue… In the beginning of the day, Robbie mentioned an “Adele” that would be coming over, but I figured it was just someone he knew with the name,” starts Jay. “So at one point I walked downstairs and Adele, yes THE Adele, was there in the room. So great… quickly after meeting she sweetly offered me some tea, which was shocking to me because the fact that I had just randomly walked up to Adele in someone’s home and she’s all the sudden offering me tea like it was nothing was unbelievable. We briefly talked, debated the differences between football and futbol, and talked about why Americans are so obsessed with the sport. It was a great, unexpected moment.”

“Anyway, Robbie was a delight to work with. He’s very professional, a total gentleman, a genius and an excellent singer,” adds Jay. “There’s nothing he can’t do. He’s not somebody that I’d jump in and produce right away. I just let him do his thing because he just knew what he wanted to do. He’s natural at placement, rhythm and timing, so there definitely wasn’t much producing when it came to his vocals. Everything is him, all you really need to do with Robbie Williams is press record.”

The track and IRON MAN 3 are both seeing successful releases! The movie alone, according to Financial Times (FT.com), grossed over $700 Million after only one week in theaters.

Listen to “Let’s Go All The Way” by THE WONDERGIRLS here